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Welcome to Caring & Sharing East Sussex

Caring and Sharing is a scheme which raises money by sacrificial giving. Members belong to groups, mostly in Anglican churches in East Sussex. Money saved by making a small change in our lifestyles is given to one or more of our 13 overseas projects which provide basic necessities for very poor people.


Dear Friends,

It is most kind of you to invite me to continue as your Patron as ‘Caring and Sharing’ now moves into its fifth decade. I must be one of the last, now resident in Sussex, who was actually present when Caring and Sharing was launched in Eastbourne in May 1982. Our motto from the outset has been and remains Live more simply that others may simply live. Perhaps I should mention here our gratitude also to those who support us in other ways. We, and our overseas projects are very thankful to all who continue give us donations in any way, which over the first 41 years has amounted to £3.6 million. We hear regularly from every group we support, all so grateful for your support and so often with most encouraging news which has filled them, and us, with hope. One of them is Amara House in Romania which was founded in 2003 for a small group of boys with physical and learning disabilities, who had been living in a grim state institution. The boys are now young men, very much part of the local village community enjoying a permanent home and with a secure future – and Carers and Sharers have helped to bring this about.

There has always been a spiritual heart to Caring and Sharing, summed up in three words, Prayer, Sacrifice and Giving. We pray for those who go without, and especially the overseas projects we support. We make a small sacrifice by going without some little luxury ourselves or taking on a hardship. With the money saved we join others in Giving to our special projects. There are so many ways we can do this. I am reminded of a Carer and Sharer in one of our rural parishes who mentioned that he walked to work, and gave the money saved on a ‘bus fare to their chosen Caring and Sharing project.

After over four decades of Caring and Sharing I want to thank so many of you for your faithfulness and generosity and now invite you all to renew our commitment to Prayer, Sacrifice and Giving -and leave GOD to do the rest. + Nicholas

Our Annual Eucharist is at St Mary’s Parish Church, Ringmer BN8 5PZ on Saturday 20th July at 11am.

Celebrant:Bishop Nicholas Reade.

Speaker: Pauline Allan from Let the Children Live.

Please bring a packed lunch. Drinks will be provided.

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