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Feeding Programme, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

This is not a country we often read about in our newspapers, but military rule, corruption, a huge wealth gap, crime and natural disasters have rendered Honduras one of the least developed countries in Central America.

Feeding Program
A child eating her ‘snack’

The feeding scheme helps 250 children up to the age of 13 whose mothers work in the markets in the capital, Tegucigalpa. Once a week the children attend health and education workshops and the snack provided entirely by Caring and Sharing is a large incentive to their attendance.

Feeding Program Honduras 2

The project organiser, Dr Donald Kaminsky, believes that for many of the children the snack is the most nutritious meal they receive all week as it consists of tortillas, rice, vegetables and meat and a fruit drink. It costs about £2.50 per snack.

Feeding Program Honduras

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