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Work of Ian and Simea Meldrum, Olinda, Brazil

Ian and Simea Meldrum are Anglican priests in Olinda, a town on the western coast of Brazil, with a population of about half a million people. Simea’s church is called the Church of the Living Waters and it ministers to people who live and work around the rubbish tip. It is so popular that it has been rebuilt and can now hold 450 people.

Work of Ian and Simea Meldrum
Children from the tip spent a day at the farm

The Farm was started to help boys who live on the streets and is now called the Living Waters Institute. It is 20 km from Olinda and was originally an 80 acre coconut plantation. Youth camps, family camps and monthly prayer vigils are held here now. Families come from the tip and spend a weekend living and playing together as a family unit and are taught basic family skills. A Teen Brigade from the church comes out regularly to learn survival skills.

My Father’s House is a safe house which offers rehabilitation to boys who come from the tip area and are considered to be in a high-risk situation. They may have a father who is alcoholic and violent, or a mother who is a prostitute, while they may be starting to deal in drugs or to be sexually abused. The upper age limit is 12, though some boys at the House are older as they have nowhere else to go.

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